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ELLE POUCHET is a people and fashion photographer with 

Passion. For her, the world has always consisted of fascinating images and her dream to this day is to tell a story with these images.

During her studies as a business economist with a focus on marketing and  international politics, she discovered 

her passion for the world of fashion and started 

Connection to the field of fashion show management independently.

With a perfect mix of creativity and her strong penchant for perfection, she ran her successful studio as a successful fashion show stylist and designed the styling for international trend trade fair design and gala shows.

As a photostylist, she went on numerous photo trips for well-known advertising campaigns around the globe until she switched behind the camera in 2011

Since then, she has also traveled internationally as a fashion, event, people and architecture photographer and is also passionately involved in the charity sector.

Through her naturalness and charm, Elle manages to get close to people in order to capture the best moments and emotions.


Masterfully creative

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul, the internationally renowned photographer Elle Pouchet finds the most direct way to reflect people in their truthfulness, unfiltered, through her expressive photos.


Sometimes she boldly shifts the focus to the edge of the picture, sometimes she deliberately crops the main character to give the viewer free rein to their imagination

Intuition in the Situation

Your impressive intuition and spontaneity are always proof of your clarity in deciding on a creative image composition directly in the respective situation with the blink of an eye.

The power of the moment


In her pictures you discover the power of the moment. The artist Elle Pouchet looks for the special moment that shows her subjects between celebrity and substantial ego.

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